Best ways to deal with entrance exam stress

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Exam stress is a part of student life. Every student who aims for higher success will experience exam stress. Well having exam stress is not all bad, it has some goodies too; it helps you to think about studies and the left syllabus, which needs to be completed soon. It also helps you to stay away from all types of distractions. But having over stress for examination can be dangerous; even it can degrade your performance too. Many researchers have noted that if a student is having stress while studying, their mind does not grasp things properly and forget it soon too. So if you really want to get good score in your examination, make sure to keep your stress at bay and stay focused to prepare well.

Exam Stress

Here are some handy tips to keep the stress away during examinations:

Take breaks

It is very important to take small brakes while studying. A break of 10-15 minutes after every 45 minutes of studies is must. It will help your mind to relax and rejuvenate for further preparations. During this time do activities which will relax your mind like listing to classic music or meditation.

Go for a short walk

Continuous sitting can disturb the overall blood circulation of body, which will further results back and leg pain. To avoid any such situations, make sure to walk during breaks. While taking break from studies, go for a small walk; in park or garden to boost your brain power and to regulate the blood circulation of your body.

Get enough sleep

This is among the most important reason which increases the stress during examination. Sleep is as important as having meals, skipping meals can make you weaker and not having proper sleep can affect the overall functionality of your body especially of mind and eyes. Make sure to have sufficient sleep. An ideal sleep is of seven to eight hours, at least. Sound sleep will help your brain to assimilate new knowledge into your long-term memory.

Don’t let the distraction win

The most common problem, students of this generation have is uncontrollable desire of digital devices like mobile phones and other gadgets along with social media. These things are among the strongest booster that further triggers the stress. Now you will think how? Well when you have a syllabus to complete in one or two months and you have allotted time of one of two hour to each subject which become six or eight hours a day. And as it is not advised to have continuous studies, you need to take breaks too. So the overall hours which is a mix of studies, some exercises like walking or meditation and resting will sum up to be approximately 12 hours. But if you keep on checking Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat and Whatspp account you will lose your focus and get involved to the conversation and get completely distracted from your studies. Such distractions will waste your time and when you have left only few days to examination you will feel stressed and helpless. To avoid any such situations, make sure to stay away from all things that can distract you from your studies.

Remember these important tips during examination to keep the stress at bay.

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