How to make best use of previous year papers

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To get succeed in any entrance exams means a lot of preparation. Students usually refer to many different study materials during preparation, however every book and course material can help them to prepare well for the examinations but previous years paper are among the best available option for student to practice on.

Here are some useful tips to make most from the previous year’s paper  

When to use previous year papers for preparation?

Many students start solving previous year papers just a night or two before examination. But it should be done days before. The main motive of solving these papers is to get aware about the exam pattern and how questions were asked.

But don’t jump to solving these papers while you have just started the exam preparation. Make sure to start solving these papers once you are done with your whole syllabus. This will help you to solve the previous year paper easily.

In this way you can analyze your preparation on different parameters like how many questions you find easy to attempt or the time you took to solve the complete paper. Such evaluations will help you to do better in your examination.

How to analyze yourself with the help of previous year papers?

The best way to figure out your exact preparation status is solving previous year papers. Here are few things on which you can analyze and rate your overall preparation.

When to start

Use previous year papers on times basis to check your preparation. When you are done with your 25 percent syllabus solve these papers, later when you complete 50 percent than 75 percent and then when you are done with your preparation completely.

Avoid distraction

While you are solving these papers, make sure to feel like you are actually giving exam and avoid any kind of directions, during the time. Sit in a quiet place and avoid taking breaks, in short recreate the exam scene.

Set up a timer

Make sure to set a timer and try to solve the paper in the stipulated time. This will help you to manage time and speed up your answering capabilities. You will also understand how much time big questions needed to answer and how you can finish the whole thing before the buzzer goes off.

Be stick to yourself

Say no to cheat, strictly and be true to yourself. It’s a type of self examination; here you are checking your own capabilities. So don’t refer to internet or books. Be honest, if you don’t know the answer leave it but don’t cheat.

Important note: While solving previous year papers, make sure to speed up so you can master the art of answering in stipulated time. Make sure to assess your performance, after solving paper, evaluate your strength and figure out your weaknesses.

Success is not a destination, but a journey of eternal efforts and soul filling results.   

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