National Testing Agency (NTA) to Conduct NEET, IIT-JEE, UGC NET & GPAT Exams

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Recently on 7th July, the Union Cabinet MHRD passed a proposal to form National Testing Agency (NTA) which will conduct competitive entrance exams like NEET, IIT-JEE, UGC NET & GPAT now onwards. So, before you search about how to study for NEET, IIT-JEE, UGC NET & GPAT, you should rather get information related to the agency which will conduct the exam next year.

Now, this news must have opened a lot of questions in your mind. We at GATEIIT Institute understand this and therefore have jotted down some of the important things you must aware of this new change.

From informing you about NTA to providing information on the upcoming changes and benefits, we have gathered everything on this blog. Read them carefully and be prepared for the transformation:

What is NTA? 

National Testing Agency or NTA will work as an autonomous and self-sustained respective testing organization. It is established under the Indian Societies Registration Act, 1860. It will be Centre’s one point to conduct NEET, IIT-JEE, UGC NET & GPAT that are held by CBSE till now. According to the reports, National Testing Agency will be organizing exams like NEET, IIT-JEE, UGC NET & GPAT now onwards.

The task of setting up NTA has been given to IIT Kanpur, and the agency will probably conduct the first examination in December next year. The agency is supposed to have experts from various subjects who will ensure an error-free exam.

Why Was NTA Formed?

The main objective behind the formation of NTA is to ensure one standardized test across the country as stated by Mr. Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister. Apart from this, there are many other purposes behind this great change. Some of them are as follows:

NTA will relieve CBSE’s burden to conduct exams which can then focus on improving the quality of higher education in the country.

This will also cope with the allegations that are posted on the variations in difficulty levels among different sets of papers in the examinations.

This will also standardize the difficulty level and help in smooth admission procedure.

The Proposed Changes and Their Benefits.

Here are some of the proposed changes that are likely to be adopted by NTA next year:

As already discussed, competitive exams like NEET, IIT-JEE, UGC NET & GPAT will be conducted by NTA instead of CBSE.

The exams are likely to be conducted twice a year except GPAT exam to give enough opportunities to the students.

The mode of the exam will be online and to avoid any problem, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) will be compiled by NTA.

To meet rural requirements, NTA will locate the centres at sub-district and district level, enabling facilities for the students coming from remote areas.

Every year millions of NEET, IIT-JEE, UGC NET & GPAT aspirants work hard to ace the exams and get admission in their dream college. This move by the Government seems like an essential step that will benefit these aspirants.

Begin the Preparation!

Now that you know about NTA, you can resume your search for how to study for NEET, IIT-JEE, UGC NET & GPAT and get back to your preparation with hopes higher than before. After all, you will get the chance to take the exam twice and that too through online mode.

Here, we are giving some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to remove all the doubts that you might have about NTA.

Ques -1. What is National Testing Agency (NTA)?

National Testing Agency is a national level self-directed and self-sustained leading testing educational institution to conduct entrance exams for higher education institutions in India. It is registered as the society under Indian Societies Regulation Act, 1860. It was approved by the Union Cabinet of India in November 2017. It was in the month of December 2017 when the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur was given the responsibility of setting up an agency and begin the hiring of subject experts.

Ques -2. What will this NTA do?

NTA is probably to conduct all the entrance examination currently being conducted by CBSE. It may start its operation with NEET, IIT-JEE, UGC NET & GPAT. Other examination will be taken up gradually after NTA is fully developed. These examinations will be conducted in online mode at least twice a year to give more opportunity to candidates to bring out their best. In order to serve requirement of the rural students, it will locate centres at sub-district and district level and as far as possible, it will undertake hands-on training to the students.

Ques -3. Who will head NTA?

The ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has appointed former CBSE chairperson Vineet Joshi as the director general for the National Testing Agency. He has been appointed to the post mostly for five years. He is a 1992 batch IAS officer of the Manipur cadre.  According to the composition of the NTA, “The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will be the Director-General DG appointed by the government. There will be a Board of Governors comprising members from user institutions. The Director-General will be assisted by nine verticals headed by academicians/experts.”

Ques -4. What is the reason of creation of NTA?

The reason of creation of NTA is to relieve AICTE, CBSE, and other agencies from the responsibility of conducting national level entrance examination. This testing agency aims to ensure a standardized difficulty level in the competitive examinations & run a regularize admissions procedure.

NTA 2018Ques -5. What are the latest updates on NTA?

Union Govt. of India has allocated a fund of Rs. 25 crores for NTA to start operation in the first year. Later on, the agency will become self-sustainable.

All the exams will be conducted twice in a year.

All the exams will be held through online mode most probably.

NTA will benefit about 4 million students who appear in the various entrance exams.

NTA will ensure that exams have a uniform difficulty level.

Students who are from rural and semi-urban areas will now have the facility of selecting centres at their nearby sub-districts.

Ques -6. What is the official website for NTA?

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