GATEIIT is very much focused on Monitoring & Analysis of student performance on individual basis with personal care. After the roaring success of All India online & offline Test Series & Mock Test Series for years, GATEIIT Classes comes up with an extraordinary bouquet of Test Packages for all the all Competitive Exams, Engineering and Medical aspirants. With our Innovative technology coupled with best-quality content delivered through a proven Methodology makes our Test Packages the best available resource for Exam Preparation. Thousands of students from all over India are already using it successfully without fail.

GATEIIT is offering a unique service that enables a student to Practice what he/she has learnt, have an Analysis of his/her understanding and undergo Testing to evaluate his/her standing vis - a - vis other students in the similar field.

GATEIIT - the undisputed leader in the All Entrance Tests, Engineering & Medical Entrance Test preparation industry with an enviable record of producing the toppers and selections.

Test Series & Mock Tests are based on an Intelligent Architecture that not only provides the testing services to improve efficiency and effectiveness of student's problem solving ability but also provides a scientific analysis so that students can analyze their weaknesses and areas of improvement. The student can also have a self assessment or measure of his/her performance in a larger group against standard benchmarks of highest and average performances. M&A is a tool that is complete in itself and supplements the preparation efforts of aspirants in an ongoing manner.

With M&A for Entrance Exams, we wish to support student community with the best methodology by which they can improve their problem solving ability and develop confidence to attempt toughest problems from their curriculum.

GATEIIT's Test Series, provides the ideal platform wherein students can compare their preparedness. Based on the analysis we provide after each test, you can work on your strengths and weakness and fine-tune your strategies.