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About Nursing Entrance Exams- All India Level (B.Sc / MNS / Post Basic / M.Sc)

Healthcare services in our nation have been demanding a skilled set of hands for the provision of the best quality services in the medical industry. Nursing Entrance Exams are a way to find such individuals who can keep up with the growth in the healthcare industry.

Over a period of time, the nursing profession has been appealing to not only women but also men. With the increasing number of men seeking nursing as an option for their career in the health sector, more and more people are looking at Nursing as a viable and well-paid career opportunity. Nursing Entrance Exams are a gateway to specializations such as Chief Nursing Officer, Neonatal Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Cardio-Thoracic Nursing, Neuro Nursing, Oncology Nursing, Surgery Specialist Nursing, Orthopaedic Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, and other such specialty areas.

Nursing Coaching at GATEIIT

GATEIIT is one of the premium institutes in Bangalore offering Nursing Entrance Exam coaching for BSc, BSc (Post Basic), MNS and MSc. GATEIIT paring aspirants to clear the all India level Nursing Entrance Exams and be a part of the various prestigious government and private healthcare providers in the country. GATEIIT has a brilliant set of teachers with years of experience in the healthcare industry. The services provided here expose the aspirants to an atmosphere of intellect and curiosity.

GATEIIT train professionals for government, semi-government as well as overseas healthcare providers. There has been a significant increase in the demand for skilled and hardworking nurses in foreign countries. GATEIIT provides courses for various competitive exams enabling aspirants to widen their horizons to overseas healthcare providers. Our ultimate goal is to provide the healthcare sector with skilled and polished professionals.

List of Nursing Exams

There are several Nursing Exams conducted by the government and semi-government institutions. With the growing number of institutes that provide nursing courses, the demand for skilled and qualified nurses has been increasing. The scope of the nursing industry has reached a new height. To keep up with the demand for well-educated and talented nursing professionals, the entrance exams have also upgraded their patterns. Here is a list of all the exams held in India for nursing professionals:

1. Nursing Examinations:

B.Sc Nursing is an undergraduate course for which the B.Sc Nursing examinations are held every year. The examinations are ideally held in the month of April to June. The undergraduate course is a 4-year course with an objective to prepare professions with comprehensive skills to provide services in the nursing industry.

The B.Sc Nursing Examinations are held for organizations such as AIIMS, Fortis Hospital, Medanta Medicity, Global Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals, Max Hospitals and Wockhardt hospitals along with Colleges and Universities such as Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh University, Jharkhand and Tripura Medical College.

Syllabus for B.Sc Nursing Entrance Exam:


  • General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
  • Alcohols
  • Phenol and Esther
  • Keystones and Carboxylic Acids
  • Block Elements
  • Biomolecules
  • Solid State
  • Surface Chemistry
  • Polymers
  • Electrochemistry
  • Organic Compounds
  • P block elements
  • D & F Block Elements, etc.
  • Physics

  • Atoms
  • Nuclei
  • Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism
  • Electronic Devices
  • Alternating Current
  • Direct Current
  • Electricity
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Biology

  • Flora and Fauna and their Classification
  • Nomenclatures
  • Prokaryotic and Eukaryote
  • Cell and its Structure and Organization
  • Minerals and its Nutrition Essentials
  • Five Kingdom Classification
  • Syllabus for B.Sc Nursing Post Basic

  • Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Fundamentals of Nursing
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Professional trends
  • Psychiatric Nursing
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Obstetrics Nursing and Midwifery
  • 2. MNS Examinations:

    MNS Nursing Examinations are held for the Military Nursing Services. The examinations are held for the Indian Army B.Sc Nursing Course. Any candidate successfully completing the examination is eligible to join the Military Nursing Services course. The selection process includes a written exam, an interview, and a physical examination to determine the strength of the candidate, intellectually and physically as both are critical in the Military services.

    3. M.Sc Nursing Examinations:

    Similar to the B.Sc Nursing examinations, the M.Sc Nursing examinations are a gateway for the M.Sc Nursing courses in the leading government and semi-government institutions in India. It is a 2-year post-graduate program offered by several colleges and universities such as AIIMS, Armed Forces Medical College, Symbiosis International University, Manipal College of Nursing, Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, T. D. Medical College and Government Medical College.

    Syllabus for M.Sc Nursing

  • Microbiology
  • Sociology
  • Nutrition
  • Anatomy
  • Management of Nursing Services and Education
  • Physiology
  • Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Child Health Nursing
  • Nursing Research and Static
  • Medical Surgery Nursing
  • Biochemistry
  • Psychology
  • Pathology
  • Genetics
  • Staff Nurse/Nursing Officer Recruitment Exams Coaching in Bangalore

    Staff Nurse/ Nursing Officer are prestigious positions in the medical sector in India. As the healthcare sector in India is reaching new heights, there are more and more opportunities for doctors and nurses to be a part of prominent medical organizations affiliated with the Indian Government. Staff Nurse/ Nursing Officer is one position that has been demanding more candidates with impressive knowledge and talent in the field.

    GATEIIT’s Staff Nurse/Nursing Officer Courses

    We offer coaching for some of the world class institutes in India such as AIIMS, MNS, RSSSB, RRB, GMCH-32, PGIMER, JIPMER,PGIMS, RPGMC, NHM, ESIC, CRPF and HPPSC.These courses are specifically and carefully designed to cover all the related topics of the respective recruitment exams. The courses include mock tests to prepare the student for each exam according to the number of questions, time constraints and the pattern of the examination.

    At GATEIIT, practice sessions, special doubt solving sessions and regular practice tests are available for the students, offline as well as online.

    Career Prospective of Staff Nurse/Nursing Officer Positions in India

    The healthcare industry has been growing at great speed for the past few years. With world-class technology and affordable medical facilities, more and more hospitals and medical care units are being established all around the country. The government has taken initiative to build hospitals in even the remotest of areas to provide people with proper healthcare facilities.

    With such advancement in the healthcare industry, the prospect of nurses is soaring. Every hospital, government, semi-government or private, well-qualified nurses have high demand. It has become one of the major career choices for many youngsters. It is not only a noble career but also a well paid one. The opportunities for talented and well-educated professionals in the nursing field are many.

    With hospitals being established in every nook and corner of the country, several positions are being recruited for. Some of these positions are:

  • Staff Nurse
  • Nursing Officer
  • Chief Nursing Officer
  • Superintendent of Nursing in Government Hospitals
  • Nursing Officer In State Health Departments
  • Nursing Officer in Defense Services
  • Nursing Officer in Indian Railways
  • Nursing Officer in Public Sector

  • GATEIIT Institute is one of the prominent institutions in Bangalore to provide premium quality education and facilities to those seeking professional coaching for nursing recruitment exams. We have been a part of the academics for a few years now, but the amount of talent generated here has no competition. The candidates who enter GATEIIT are turned into well-groomed professionals who are invited into the world-class medical institutes in India as well as overseas. We have been generating the toppers in the field.

    We have a group of seasoned professionals in their fields. With such experienced educators, GATEIIT provides a well thought and mindful structure of education to its students. The faculty helps the students in every possible way by dedicating themselves to teaching and providing a nurturing atmosphere for them.

    GATEIIT is known for its curriculum that keeps up with the latest reforms in the world of medicine. The students are provided with the study material that is in line with the guidelines and requirements of the recruitment exams. The study material is devised in precise yet simple language so that students can understand it well.

    We have state of the art infrastructure that provides the ultimate learning experience to the students. Well-lit and air-conditioned classrooms are a sanctuary of knowledge where the students can concentrate and learn to the fullest of their capacity. The staff at GATEIIT ermined to help the students, faculty and the parents with a helpful had comfortable environment. From the admission process to filling in applications for various recruitment exams, our staff is here to help at every step.