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Gate Indian Institute of tutorials, a well-known tuition center in Bangalore is delivering one to one personalized classroom and online coaching classes for XI (1st PUC) 11th & XII (2nd PUC) 12th-grade students. Our specialized teaching pattern enables us to give results assurance to the students. GATEIIT Located near to Jayanagar of Bangalore has produced pleasant results in previous years. Quality coaching by skilled lecturers with individual focus make us the best PUC coaching centre in Jayanagar Bangalore.


  • I Year P.U.C - XI/11th/1st PUC ( Science & Commerce)
  • II Year P.U.C-XII/12th/2nd PUC ( Science & Commerce )
  • II Year P.U.C-XII/12th/2nd PUC (Supplementary Examinations for Science & Commerce)
  • Syllubus: CBSE/ ICSE/ IGCSE/IB and Karnataka State Board.

  • Courses Offered for PUC Students

    GATEIIT located near Jayanagar is offering special classroom tuition classes for CBSE/ ICSE/ IGCSE/IB and Karnataka State Board PUC Students. The strength of the institute is it's strong skilled and well-qualified teachers which upholds the best patterns and practices in tutoring pedagogy for school children. We Offer PUC tuition classes for the following courses and individual subjects.

    PUC Science tuition

    GATEIIT is offering specialised Science tuition for XI (1st PUC) 11th & XII (2nd PUC) 12th-grade of CBSE/ ICSE/ IGCSE/IB and Karnataka State Board.

  • Special tuitions for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology (P.C.M.B)
  • Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Computer Science (P.C.M.C)
  • Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Electronics (P.C.M.E)
  • Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Geography (P.C.M.G)
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home science (P.C.B.H)
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Electronics (P.C.B.E)

  • PUC Commerce Tuitions in Jayanagar Bangalore

    GATEIIT is offering one to one personalised Commerce Tuitions for XI (1st PUC) 11th & XII (2nd PUC) 12th-grade of CBSE/ ICSE/ IGCSE/IB and Karnataka State Board. Subjected Covered: Statistics, Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, Business Maths, Computer Science and Combinations as: SEBA, ABEM, BSAM, EBAC, HEBA, GEBA, BACS, ABPE

    2nd PUC Tuitions in Jayanagar

    Are you preparing for your 2nd PUC(12th/XII) examination? Gate Indian Tutorials located near Jayanagar of Bengaluru has been in the Education field since 2001. The institute has built a reliability through the excellence of its programs in all areas of education. The best system of teaching strategy and excellent quality of study material has made Gateiit the best choice for 2nd PUC Students.

  • 2nd PUC Science Tuition
  • Subjects Covered: Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Electronics, Home Science, Computer Science, Zoology, Home science

  • 2nd PUC Commerce Tuition
  • Subjects Covered: Statistics, Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, Business Maths, Computer Science.

    We also focus on sharpening the competitive skills of our students in such a way that they can achieve and decode any exam they aspire in the future. Our focus is on creating high concepts and shaping minds of Students to prepare for competitive examinations like IIT-JEE/ KCET/ NEET.

    Benefits of GATEIIT PUC Tuition

  • 100% assured results
  • Experienced Faculties.
  • Well equipped class rooms .
  • Advanced Study materials and assignments.
  • Test and Discussion sessions.
  • Use of Models and Visual Aids in explaining concepts.
  • Regular days alternate days and weekend classes

  • XII/12th/2nd PUC Supplementary Coaching

    We aim to provide expert guidance and highly personalized one to one coaching classes for 2nd PUC supplementary students. We constantly committed to provide quality education to the students. Gateiit, located near Jayanagar of Bangalore is also providing Classroom tutorials for 2nd PUC supplementary. At Gateiit, we believe we can make change happen, with the help of our outstanding tutors.

  • 2nd PUC Supplementary Coaching for Science
  • 2nd PUC Supplementary Coaching for Commerce

  • GATEIIT has a team of highly qualified, trained and dedicated professors who strive hard to encourage the growth and development of your child. Thousands of PUC students have been tutored at Gate Indian Institute of tutorials, in the past years. We also prepare your child for tomorrow's challenges through its advanced pedagogy. Our most modern pattern of educational infrastructure and advanced study materials makes us the best XI-XII (1st PUC, 2nd PUC) Coaching Centre in Jayanagar. The students are provided with digital labs and advanced educational materials and prepare them to perform better in the academic career.