Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) Coaching

Admissions in the top global educational universities are not just a matter of good academics; and also about having a great score on the SAT.

Our Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) training program is focused on helping students master all three subjects of the SAT – Math, Critical Reading, and Writing. Our expert team of faculties and comprehensive course material ensure that students are able to perfect all three stages of the SAT preparation.

SAT Preparation/ Training Program at GATEIIT.

Prepare: In this stage, students go over the basics of complete course topics & subjects, learning concepts in detail and cementing them through on the spot practice exercises. The learning & SAT Preparing stage equips students with all kind of skills and tools that they will need to tackle any problem on the SAT test.

Practice:In the 2nd stage, we provide good practice on different concepts, graduating from easy to very tough questions. The questions at each level have been specially developed by our expert faculties to ensure graded learning and comprehensive familiarity with each and every SAT topic is covered.

Master: Finally in the final stage of learning involves students to prepare better time management, developing test psychology and test stamina, and addressing their weak areas and improve it. In this stage, we also share strong known tips and tricks that help students to improve their speed and accuracy to top SAT Test.

Our SAT Program is Well known and Highly Sought After for the Following Reasons:

Stellar results: Students consistently score above 2100 on the SAT exam, and often above the much vaunted 2300 mark. Come experience our teaching and see the difference.

Highly Personalized Classes: The SAT preparation program has a maximum class size of five (5) for each teaching session. This ensures highly personalized attention for each student to focus and provide individual monitoring and analysis on their performance.

Constant Guidance: Our Guiadance to each student through different stages of the SAT Coaching to ensure that he/she is comfortable at every stage of learning. We diagnose individual student's strengths and weaknesses in early stage and inform them, so we can systematically address them before the program ends.

Taught by Expert & Experienced Faculty: Each and every one of our faculty members has a Graduate / postgraduate qualification from excellent schools. Learn from the best to be the best.

Comprehensive and Exhaustive Study Material: Students need not search scores of books and study materials to study for the SAT. We provide all SAT study material and resources in our integrated study package. Students need not waste time hunting for SAT study material.

Mock tests with diagnosis: The SAT Training offers many of practice tests to students along with detailed diagnosis of each test so that they can be test assured. Students don't just take tests. They improve with each test that they take too in the class.

The Premium SAT Program Includes the Following:

  • Long hours of in-class instruction time.
  • Six full length practice SAT Tests with detailed diagnosis on each test.
  • Comprehensive detailed SAT course material covering all three sections of the SAT.
  • Special tips, tricks, and strategies to give you the high score edge you need.
  • Extra follow-up exercises day to day to elucidate concepts taught, with detailed explanations.
  • Customized & Personalized SAT preparation that is tailored to each particular student.
  • Constant, unlimited doubt questions & doubt clearing sessions.